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VillageThe poor native people of the Dominican Republic are still displaced; yet we are continuing with importing Logwood and Fusticwood, trying help these people with wages. Thank you for your support.

MAMA D.O.C. Inc., non-profit, continues to import Logwood for dye and herbs for medicines. The income generated by these small efforts is of even greater importance, for the people must now survive in a cash money economy, and there are no jobs. Purchase products, 100% of which goes to the Logwood Project, at and

Donations to Mama D.O.C. for the Logwood Project go to purchase school supplies for the children and to pay for medicines. If an Angel donor exists, land is available to purchase where some of the families could be relocated to recreate their traditional community. All donations are U.S. Federal tax deductible. Thank you for your help.




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